Trophy Club Origins

Trophy Club, Texas was originally founded in 1847 and grew until the Texas and Pacific Railroad came and helped the town become a populated city. In the 1970s, the first golf course was founded in Trophy Club which led to the establishment of a popular club, tennis courts, and a community swimming pool. From there, the city grew to be a bustling popular city.

High-Standard of Living

The residents of Trophy Club take pride in their high-quality school systems, diverse religious community, luxurious housing, and wide range of community-based organizations to preserve the wildlife around them. In addition, there are many clubs and organizations that allow the citizens of Trophy Club to build their community and take part in their government.

Booming Economy

The economy in Trophy Club is heavily based in technology, insurance, and the professional trades but with the diverse number of parks and activity centers, there are numerous job opportunities for everyone. A landscaper can be hired to fix the golf course or a plumber in Trophy Club can be called upon to help advise businesses and residents about water preservation.

Community Centers and Parks

The many in-town attractions the residents have access to are mostly centered around outdoor activities and for socializing. Trophy Club is home to several city parks, each offering a different range of activities such as boating, hiking trails, sports fields, and public swimming pools. The most famous park is the Trophy Club Park which offers fishing, geocaching, and horse trails among other things.

A Warm Welcome from Trophy Club

Trophy Club is known for its charming clubs and golf courses, the beauty surrounding its hiking trails, its booming economy, and its very active community. The golf courses and related clubs are the city’s pride and joy and any visitors who stop by will also be able to enjoy the luxurious amenities the city offers. Trophy Club offers residents and visitors alike an unforgettable adventure.