Burnt Dot

Burnt Dot is an LA-based noise and experimental jazz ensemble founded by Sarah Belle Reid (trumpet) and Ryan Gaston (modular synthesizer).

Reid and Gaston started Burnt Dot to explore open forms of spontaneous creation and to find methods of strategizing communication between acoustic and electornic instrumentalists. The group is a fluid ensemble of sound and visual artists who are committed to creating work that is as quirky, fiery, and thought-provoking as the world that inspires it. Burnt Dot's performances range in scope from art museums and concert halls to intermedia installations and site-specific improvisations. Equally committed to outreach and education, Burnt Dot frequently presents workshops and lectures to students in music, improvisation, and creative technology at universities such as California Institute of the Arts, University of Oregon, Hendrix College, and UC Irvine, among others.

Burnt Dot frequently collaborates with musicians such as Kris Tiner and Todd Barton as well as graphic designers Sahir Khan and Andrea Yasko.