In performance, I commonly use hardware synthesizers, both commercially available and of my own devising. My installation work commonly employs the use of custom-programmed Raspberry Pi computers and various sorts of hacked hardware and simple homemade electronics. Multichannel works often involve a 10-out Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface.

I typically play a Eurorack modular synthesizer assembled to be functionally similar to a Buchla Music Easel or Buchla System 101. Currently, this system comprises modules from Make Noise Music, Bubblesound Instruments, Malekko Heavy Industry, Pittsburgh Modular, Intellijel Designs, and Doepfer Musikelektronik.

Current Eurorack performance setup.

Current Eurorack performance setup.


As any sound artist, a lot of my work also centers around the computer. I make software for sound generation and processing both in performance and recording environments, both to emulate extant but relatively inaccessible forms of sound creation and to explore new means of organizing sound in time.

I edit and record with Pro Tools 12, Ableton 9 Suite, and Cockos Reaper. Score generation typically finds its home in a combination of Illustrator, Photoshop, Acousmographe, and Finale.

The majority of my software-based synthesis, analysis, and sound manipulation work utilizes Max/MSP 7 and Pure Data, though I often find myself using other tools for one reason or another, including Supercollider, Arduino, Python, Sonic Visualizer, Spear, Soundhack, etc.

Recently completed projects include Virtual Easel (a software adaptation of the Buchla Music Easel), Postmaster (a facility for realtime granular synthesis), and
Morphophone  (a facility for realtime granular processing).