Temporal Conduit Oscillator (TCO)

Temporal Conduit Oscillator is a synthesis program/instrument which implements simple methods of pseudo-time travel and multitemporal integration to produce chaotic musical structures. TCO implements simple chaotic algorithms behind a traditional synthesizer-like interface for control over emergent parameters rather than static parameters: that is, rather than strictly controlling a single parameter of a static sound, any given control may be used to create a cascading effect that influences how that parameter changes over time (both short- and long-term). The program features synthesis methods focused around manipulating a deeply embedded delay line, allowing past events to recur both at arbitrarily and chaotically defined intervals. These features coupled with dynamic systems for global state recall and global state modification can, over time, blur and expand the performer’s perception of the “moment,” which may at any time be comprised of a composite of past, present, and future events integrating in unexpected (or partly expected) ways.

Temporal Conduit Oscillator is geared toward live performance and improvisation. Inspired by the Buchla 259 complex oscillator and Hordijk Benjolin, the Temporal Conduit Oscillator is a dual-oscillator design with wave shaping and extensive modulation routing that enables a variety of timbres, gestures, and textures to unveil themselves through the performer’s attentive listening and careful tinkering. Changing any one parameter well may change the entire scope of the sound at hand.

Temporal Conduit Oscillator is available as a Mac .app file. To purchase a copy, feel free to get in touch.

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