Virtual 208

Virtual 208 is a further development on the prior Virtual Easel program developed in Max/MSP. Inspired by Don Buchla's classic instrument, Virtual 208 mimic's the Buchla 208's signal flow with unashamedly digital sound. Built to expound on the original instrument's ideas regarding "Metaprogramming," Virtual 208 features extensive options for localized and global randomization and performable patch storage and recall. The "keyboard" portion of the instrument present in Virtual Easel has been removed in favor of promoting use of the patch recall system as the primary means of performance. Randomization and patch storage features are all performable by ASCII keyboard, and every parameter is OSC addressable.

Special thanks to Don Buchla, Allen Strange, and Todd Barton for their perspective and inspiration.

Virtual 208 is available as a Mac .app file. To purchase a copy, feel free to get in touch.

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