Virtual Easel (Retired)

Virtual Easel is a weird digital approximation/adaptation of the Buchla Music Easel, for use as a performance instrument and digital composition tool. Not a 1:1 recreation of the instrument in the digital domain, but close enough in design principle to maintain the general Easel workflow and to remind us of some bit of Don Buchla's genius. The most obvious change is that the 218 has been replaced with a more 217-like interface, but many other liberties have been taken both to facilitate functionality in the digital domain and to add some useful tools not easily possible in an analog instrument.

Virtual Easel was assembled in Spring of 2016 to explore some of my own personal interest in the design philosophy of the classic instrument and to better explore the concept of preset memory and software modularity as a form of virtual instrument "metaprogramming," an extension of the phenomenon Allen Strange discussed in the original Music Easel user manual.

Originally assembled in Max/MSP 7. Virtual Easel was retired in 2017 in favor of developing a more streamlined UI. Its successor, Virtual 208, is slated for completion in early 2018.